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Quantum Relief + Tavala Trim Box

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Quantum Relief + Tavala Trim Box
Tavala's two best sellers, together at last.

Tavala Trim is our breakthrough weight loss product and our flagship from the start. The results people have been having with Tavala Trim is truly remarkable. Take one stick of Trim each morning and let the ingredients inside work for you. You won't be disappointed. 28 sticks per package.

Our Quantum Relief Strips have already proven life-changing for the people who have them. These silk strips from Korea are charged with Quantum Energy and balance the energy in the body. Simply apply a strip to anywhere you are feeling negative energy (all sorts of things can cause negative energy to the body or our "Chi" - stress, pain, sickness, etc.) and Tavala's Quantum Relief Strips will heal the bad energy in that area. One pack of 14 included. Each Strip is effective for up to two days.

CV: 60
Tavala's two best sellers, together at last. 4 weeks supply of each.
CV: 60   #70018